The Battle For Vlissingen: Round One

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The Battle For Vlissingen: Round Two

Round Two

In the early hours of a crisp late winter day, the waves crashed into the rusty beams of the Vlissingen industrial platforms. A chilling breeze blew in from the west, carrying the salty sting of the sea. Foggy banks of damp mist slowly drifted across the water. As the Dutch craftsmen prepared to change shifts working the platforms, vague shapes began to take form on the outskirts of the visible area. Amidst the panicked cries of civilians running for designated shelters the first airhorns started to wail their warnings. The British had returned to Vlissingen!

The British naval forces wasted no time at all and advanced forwards. An early activation from the Majesty dreadnought saw the industrial platforms become wreathed in flame and spark as the Tesla-based mines were detonated by a Pulse generator. The platforms only suffered superficial damage though, and remained intact and in the hands of the Prussians for now. Alarmed by the massive detonations, the Danish Asgard carrier surged straight ahead and fired its guns into the Tribal cruisers, nicking the paint of one cruiser. In retaliation, the British Tribals moved forward and raked the Asgard across its length, crippling its defenses and smashing some of the marine holdings. The Asgard began to smoke heavily as fires spread from the ravaged marine bunks, threatening to take the lives of even more marines!

The Asgard carrier overextends itself

Near the beach the Restitution dreadnought robot braced itself and brought its incredible Colt-Cannons up. The jets on its feet stabilized the mechanical colossus’ position, and the Restitution aimed the massive weaponry at the Danish Raggnarok that was still struggling to clear the Vlissingen harbour. With a thunderous roar that drowned out even the British and Danish gunnery, the Restitution fired round after round with unerring accuracy into the Raggnarok. The Danish vessel was physically thrown back from the docks by the might of the impacts. Debris struck the ships engine room and blocked one of the overcharged engines, slowing the Raggnarok down. The Raggnarok limped out of the docks and made for the relative safety of the industrial rigs near the beach, hoping to break line of sight to the monstrous Restitution.

The Restitution strikes!

On the landing side of the conflict, the battle was barely starting to heat up. A B-72 Heavy Bomber advanced slightly, careful not to overextend. Lining up its arrays of armour-piercing rockets, it fired at the juiciest target it could find in range: Teutonic Recke tanks. Hidden in the canopy of clouds, the Recke crews did not get any warning before the shrieking missiles came into ack-ack range. The Guardian shields buckled under the repeated assault, ack-ack failing to take out any rockets. The rear Recke took a direct hit to the tracks, throwing them off and blocking the Tesla broadsides with the metal tracks, reducing overall firepower dramatically. Taking advantage of the confusion caused by the sudden impact, a squadron of Trentons made landfall and trudged the last few meters towards the beach.

As a followup, the Trentons revved their engines and rocketed forward. Their massed gun turrets fired round after round into the Recke formation, reducing the rear Recke to slag. Raking their guns to the front Recke, the Trentons found range and poured a dramatic amount of fire into the front Recke, surprisingly taking it out in one volley!

The Reckes duel with the B-72 and Trentons at range.

At sea the battle raged on yet. The Danes found their carrier in jeopardy, and rushed forward to protect it. To the left of the stricken vessel advanced an Emperor-class Battleship once furbished from the Prussian Empire but long since crewed by the Danish. On the right a full complement of the Skagerrak gunships rounded the island, moving out of cover to draw a bead on the offending Tribal cruisers. With a thunderous roar all six turrets and all eighteen barrels spoke. When the smoke cleared from the barrels and the Skagerrak crews prepared new rounds to fire, one Tribal was slowly sinking under the waves and an attached Dominion support cruiser was so heavily damaged it held on more by sheer luck than anything else. British vessels tried to return fire, but could only inflict superficial damage on Skagerraks and couldn’t even damage the Emperor.

The sea battle rages on.

Back on land, the Hochmeister finally decided to make its presence known. It stepped out from behind the Prussian Bunker Complex that was firing into the Trenton squadron, wrecking the rear Trenton. Carefully stepping over the buildings of Vlissingen, it held aloft its sword and marked the Trenton squadron for death. The wrist-mounted Speerschleuders and the shouldermounted Speerschleuder turrets combined their ranged prowess to inflict terrible electrifying damage, obliterating the two remaining Trentons and stimied the American assault for a moment. Taking a moment to recharge the capacitors for the Speerschleuder, the Hochmeister turned its head to look towards the Restitution. A reckoning was to follow.

The Hochmeister advances!

The rest of the forces maneuvred into more advantageous positions, but most fire was ineffective at these ranges. The Teutonic forces found themselves trapped in the outskirts of Vlissingen, struggling to clear the buildings and reinforcements they were bound to protect.

Round One End 1

The Americans meanwhile found the opportunity to land their advanced forces, but felt the sting of the Prussian defenses as they lost their Trentons to both fortifications and the Hochmeister. Reinforcements were inbound though, as the Philadelphia Landship and Yorktown bombards were very close to the beach. The reinforcements looked to arrive safely as the British succesfully distracted the Danes into a brawling match in the center of the sea. The Restitution meanwhile looked towards the Hochmeister and engaged its thrusters forwards.

Round One End 2

Round One End 3

As the fleets began to come into brawling range, the Asgard looked very vulnerable indeed to the massive Britannian center line. The loss of the Tribals hurt, but the Britannians retained a significant portion of their firepower and would not be denied their charge.

Round One End 4

The Danish had taken a tremendous pounding on their Asgard and Raggnarok, though crucially both were not fully destroyed yet. They moved swiftly through the platforms, trying to deny the British optimal firing angles and hoping to ambush their more robust opponents.

Round One End 5

The British in the meantime held a very intimidating center line anchored around the Majesty dreadnought. Out of sight, a squadron of Vanguards escorted by a veritable swarm of Attacker frigates tried to rush around the island, harassed by torpedo bombers. Surprisingly, two full squadrons of torpedo bombers failed to make an impression on the squadron. The British Commodore hoped to flank his Danish counterpart later on.

Round One End 6

Vlissingen looked to hold strong, but the American forces were drawing ever closer…

Round One End 7