Faction Overview: The Prussian Empire

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The Prussian Empire

This post is the first in a series giving an overview of the current factions in the game of Dystopian Wars. We’ll be exploring the factions’ playstyle, merits and units of note. There’s currently 7 Major Factions and 12 Minor Nations (or Mercenaries) in the game, excluding Operation Assets and the Invaders. In order to give each faction its well-deserved place in the spotlight we’ll break up the overview in a series of posts. This particular post will detail one out of three main factions of the Imperial Bond: the stalwart Prussian Empire.

The Prussian Empire is rightly feared amongst the other nations. The Prussians hit hard, hit fast and board like no other nation. Most Prussian vessels are faster than those of other nations, though they sacrifice long-range firepower to do so. Though primary gunnery forms a significant of overall damage output, many Prussian vessels rely on a synergistic combination of Tesla and Speerschleuder weaponry to blast enemy vessels into lifeless hulks. The somewhat recently developed Speerschleuder weaponry consists of enormous lightning rods, superbly enhancing the effectiveness of Tesla weaponry.

The Prussians have access to some of the fastest units in the game. With careful planning this speed can be used to bring the Prussians into optimal range without taking too much damage at range, where their superior close quarters firepower and boarding prowess are able to contend with just about any opponent. If your opponent manages to cripple most of your hard hitting units from a distance you’ll find it hard to muster the punch needed to emerge victorious.

The Prussian Empire is home to some of the best shock troops in the world. In-game, this translates to the Prussian Empire having good amounts of high quality offensive Assault Points on their vessels, in combination with specialised defenses and good to above-average Ack-Ack and Concussive Charge values. When attacking in waves Prussians have a good shot at bringing down even the mightiest of dreadnoughts with well-timed assaults.
In addition, Prussian support aircraft squadrons are notoriously acrobatic and though to bring down in dogfights or during bombing runs. The Prussians have access to some very fine carriers and are one of two major nations to have access to medium-sized carriers (the other being Covenant who are just plain weird), freeing up more options when building lists. Other aerial units include a plethora of Tesla-equipped zeppelins, who are often more maneuverable than fixed wing fliers. A special mention should go out to the Imperium Sky Fortress which is an iconic model for Dystopian Wars and the model that drew me to the game in the first place.


-Good at boarding
-Good boarding defenses
-AP-stripping Tesla weaponry


-Not particularly tough
-Weak firepower at range
-Easy to overextend


A typical Prussian list emphasises speed, boarding and RB1-2 firepower. You’ll try to strike a balance between keeping units in as much cover as possible and racing forwards to close the gap as quickly as possible. Prussian Tesla-equipped units will be blasting away at high priority targets, Speerschleuders marking specific units for electric death. Having softened up larger enemy units you’ll overwhelm them with well-timed boarding assaults.

Typical Units


The mighty Imperium Sky Fortress
The Imperium. An iconic unit well known to most who play Dystopian Wars. It carries an oversized Tesla Coil, Tesla broadsides and is well defended against hostile boarding attempts. It would be rather slow if not for the ubiquituous Tesla Generator, which allows the Imperium to move up to 8” if you roll well, well above average for normal Sky Fortresses.


A fast cruiser, capable of moving up to 12” in a straight line. Carries decent gunnery at an AD spread of 8/6/4/2 with the Close Quarters Gunnery MAR for more fun times when you’re close. It’s not particularly tough though it has the Rugged Construction (1) MAR giving it some defensive benefits. The Uhlan carries 5 Aggressive AP, so a full squadron could deliver up to 15 very angry Prussian Assault Points to most targets in turn two or three.


The Saxony is infamous for its speed, its aggression and its Tesla turret. Carrying somewhat oversized weaponry for a corvette it has a Tesla turret with a spread of 5/3/1, so you could theoretically deliver an attack of up to 15 AD in RB1. And then you board. Its 15” movement speed ranks it amongst the fastest units in the game, which has sprung many a trap for me in the past when my opponents thought they were safely out of reach.

Next post we’ll be exploring another Imperial Bond faction, the resourceful Empire of the Blazing Sun!