Faction Overview: The Empire of the Blazing Sun

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The Empire of the Blazing Sun

This post is the second in a series about the current factions in the game of Dystopian Wars. In this post we’ll be exploring the Empire of the Blazing Sun. Although they might be the smallest of the major nations when measured by territorial holdings, they have some of the most technologically advanced units in the entire setting of Dystopian Wars.

The Empire of the Blazing Sun focusses on versatile armaments, good speed and high maneuverability coupled with a high resistance to critical damage. One of the hallmarks of Blazing Sun technology is the prevalence of incendiary rockets and incendiary shells, used to light enemy vessels ablaze. In fact, the sheer preponderance of incendiary weaponry is quite capable of inflicting significant damage to opposing vessels through fire alone, burning crew to cinders and eventually turning hulls into blackened charred husks. In addition to rockets many vessels carry a complement of torpedoes as well, allowing them to inflict significant damage when up close.

Although slower than the Prussians, the Blazing Sun nevertheless ranks amongst the faster nations. This is further enhanced by the unparalleled maneuverability provided to naval vessels as most Blazing Sun vessels have the Sharp Turn MAR, allowing them to turn on a dime and make other factions’ vessels look cumbersome in the process. This includes even the mighty Hachiman dreadnought, often taking opponents by surprise when they thought they were out of reach. The Blazing Sun often requires such maneuverability as many of its weapons have restricted firing arcs, only being able to fire through fixed channel arcs. For instance, the Honshu cruisers have fixed channel broadsides which are often very difficult to align on a single target.

Another weakness to the Empire of the Blazing Sun is that though they are quite resistant to critical damage they are pretty vulnerable to multiple low strength attacks. Most Blazing Sun vessels have one CR higher than normal for vessels of their class resulting in some very tough smalls and hard to crit large vessels. When an opponent catches on to this they might decide that instead of linking their attacks into the most powerful attack possible, they might consider attacking multiple times and stack single points of damage as that’s far easier to do and the Blazing Sun lack defenses other than their improved critical rating.


-Strong all-rounders
-Incendiary all over the place
-Critical Rating one higher than normal
-Highly maneuverable


-Difficult to use fixed channel firing arcs
-Vulnerable to low strength attacks (‘plinking’)
-Low activation count
-Fairly few useful generators


A typical Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet can take on a vast array of differing opponents. Key is to know the weaknesses of your opponents’ fleets and exploit them. Against a close quarters fleet such as the Russians or the Prussians the Empire of the Blazing Sun can stay at range and bombard from afar using rockets and gunnery. Against a stand-off opponent such as the Federated States of America the Empire of the Blazing Sun can bring their close range torpedoes, speed and good amounts of AP to bear and overwhelm the Americans in close quarters combat.

Typical Units


The dread-inspiring Hachiman dreadnought
The mighty Hachiman dreadnought exemplifies much of the Blazing Sun battle tactics. With a CR of 14 it is very resistant to critical damage. Carrying some of the most powerful guns in the game with an AD spread of 15/13/9/5, the Hachiman has horrifying firepower. That’s not even counting the rockets and torpedoes which turn the Hachiman into a powerhouse at RB4 and a monster up close. To top it all off, the Hachiman can turn on a dime and present its weaponry where it’s needed most. It has very few weaknesses indeed.


The Honshu cruiser comes in three marks, showcasing the flexibility of the Blazing Sun. The Mk I comes with souped up engines allowing the Honshu Mk I to race up to 10”, has improved boarding capacity due to Terror Tactics (2) and allows for long range attacks thanks to an additional rocket battery. The Mk II carries a turret that’s able to link its fire with its broadsides, ensuring that the Honshu Mk II can deliver blistering firepower from RB3 onwards. The Mk III showcases Japanese ingenuity as it comes equipped with a RB2-3 node launcher for an internal Disruption generator. This allows the Mk III to take enemy generators offline, so that other Blazing Sun vessels can exploit the newly created weakness.


Thanks to the Blazing Sun CR bonus the Yurgi has an impressive CR of 6. This is one tough small. The Yurgi carries incendiary rockets delivering superb firepower up to RB3. In addition the Yurgi comes equipped with decent fore guns giving it a secondary attack to use against enemies that are closing in. On the other hand, its DR of 3 means that on average a non-capital vessel only needs to dedicate 4 AD to have a 60%-ish chance of damaging the Yurgi.

Next post we’ll be exploring the last of the major factions of the Imperial Bond, the resurgent Republique of France!