Faction Overview: The Kingdom of Britannia

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The Kingdom of Britannia is the first of the major factions of the Grand Coalition we’ll be discussing. The other nations are the Federated States of America and the Russian Coalition, in order of (planned) appearance.

The Kingdom of Britannia

The Kingdom of Britannia is perhaps the greatest of the Great Powers in terms of its sheer reach across the globe. The Brittanian Kingdom is the one nation in the world where the sun never sets. Naturally, this means that the threats to the British holdings are manifold in nature. In order to defend itself against Prussian and Blazing Sun hostilities the Kingdom of Britannia became the driving force behind the Grand Coalition, the great alliance which unites the Americans, British and Russians in their shared interests.

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The Kingdom of Britannia is renowned across the world for the strength and tenacity of its fleets and armies. As a general rule most naval vessels have redoubtable primary weaponry and tertiary torpedo weapon systems. This means that in order to cripple damage output you don’t merely damage a ship or two, you’ll have to destroy the entire ship to stop it contributing damage. In addition, the Kingdom of Britannia specialises in shielding and most vessels above small size have at least a Shield (2) generator.

The Kingdom of Britannia has a varied selection of vessels, from a submarine in every size class to battlecruisers with exceptional maneuverability and experimental gunnery. Most vessels excel in a brawling role, preferring to engage opponents at RB2 or RB3. In these Range Bands most turrets have good dice and most torpedoes have good AD spreads. Compared to other brawling nations such as the French the British have pretty decent dice at RB4 as well, although they’ll be easily outclassed by the Americans or Covenant. Overall the damage output of the British is slightly below average, although the Kingdom of Britannia can compensate for lower dice pools with piercing munitions crippling opponents with status effects.

Nearly every naval vessel in the British ORBAT comes equipped with torpedoes. This does not include the Lord Hood battlecruiser, the Stalwart heavy destroyer, Swift corvette and Bastion escort (which lacks guns of any kind). The Lord Hood and Stalwart compensate for their lack of gunnery with exceptionally devastating firepower. The Swift and Bastion have no true need for torpedoes. The disadvantage of British torpedoes is twofold. Firstly, most torpedoes lack attack dice in RB1 (torpedo turrets excluded). Secondly, most torpedo weaponry uses fixed channel weaponry, making it difficult to line up broadside torpedoes. Front torpedoes are difficult to line up, but most vessels have the advantage of pointing towards enemies in the opening rounds making it easy to line up shots. Surprisingly, fore fixed channel torpedoes make it easier to line up shots on targets that thought they were out of line of sight or partially blocked by intervening terrain or vessels. To enhance the effectiveness of torpedoes the Kingdom of Britannia has access to Target Painter Generators calibrated for torpedoes. These are surprisingly difficult to use effectively, as they have a range of 16” and need to be activated before the vessel moves. When well executed though the target painters enhance British firepower well.

A British battlegroup specialising in hunting down vulnerable enemy vessels

One cannot discuss the Kingdom of Britannia and leave out their submarines. Although a fair few nations have access to submarines, no nation has submarines in as many different size categories. Nor do most submarines have the British brutality. Where the Prussian Sturmbringer prefers to stay at range and lance its prey with Speerschleuders and the Peset and Chany prefer to provide fire support to their Russian compatriots, the underwater vessels of the British Kingdom need only surface for their most devastating attack which is as close range as one can get. The submarines come equipped with torpedoes and do good damage at most ranges (excluding RB1). However, the Vanguard and Vengeance both have utterly humongous chainsaws designed for ripping apart the softer underbellies of enemy ships. There’s few things as frightening as a Vengeance ripping its way through your capital ships. Granted, actual efficiency can be debated, but the sheer image of submarines rising from the deep only to rip apart hostile vessels with chainsaws the size of fishing boats is one to remember.


-Ships remain effective when taking damage
-Easy access to piercing weaponry
-Lots of submarines
-Lots of shields and guardian generators


-Fixed channel torpedoes
-Most torpedoes lack RB1 attack
-Usually cumbersome
-Only medium damage output overall


When building a list worthy of the Kingdom of Britannia it pays to have a solid core of cruisers. They’re reasonably durable and resistant to damage, so your opponent will have his or her work cut out to cripple a full squadron. Use your torpedoes and gunnery to soften up squishy targets at RB4 and if necessary, advance slowly. Try to set up for broadsiding in rounds two and three. You’ll want to fight at RB2 and RB3 for as much as possible (with the exception of boarding specialists or chainsaw submarines). You won’t be dealing out as much damage initially as some other armies, but unlike them you can take a pounding and keep on giving as much as you’ve got. Any British unit still standing with only one hullpoint remaining is still dangerous.

Typical Units


The Ruler battleship
The Ruler battleship perfectly embodies the tenets of the Kingdom of Britannia. It is robust, tough, has multiple weapon systems and provides shield coverage to other units from its (optional) Guardian Generator. It is not extremely durable, but thanks to its redoubtable and tertiary weapons the Ruler can retain a considerable damage output until it sinks beneath the waves. Its broadside torpedoes might present a challenge to properly align, but if you stick it forward and put the forward torpedoes to good use the torpedo broadsides become a tasty bonus. It is an excellent battleship though it tends to fit in a slightly more support-centered role than other nation’s battleships thanks to its Guardian generator.


The sturdy Tribal, mainstay of many a British fleet
The Tribal-class cruiser is an excellent cruiser for its cost. It is tough, durable and comes with the British robustness. Tribals are very much a center line holding unit, designed to be in the thick of the fighting on RB2-3 where both their torpedoes and turrets can be used to maximum effect. It’s very tempting to race the Tribals forward early in the game, but unless you’re careful you might find that such tactics would lead you to overextend your cruisers and deny them usage of their torpedoes due to awkward angles. Still, the Tribal cruiser is a common sight in most British fleets.


A terror from the deep
The Valiant attack submarine is much like a diving corvette with firepower out to Range Band 4. It’s excellent for taking out enemy light submarines and larges alike through either torpedoes or boarding. The main drawback to the Valiant is its slow speed. Nevertheless, with the additional protection the Valiant gains from being submerged and its inherent submarine hunting bonus it remains a potent tool in the British Commodore’s toolbox.

And there you have it, a cursory look at the Kingdom of Britannia. Next in line is the Federated States of America. Thanks for reading, and until next post!