Impact Tournament Report

Impact Tournament

Last weekend on April 3rd the annual Impact Wargaming event was held in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. As well as a sizable collection of demo tables and miniature traders, there were tournaments for X-Wing and Dystopian Wars. Naturally, a couple of my friends and myself were champing at the bit to play Dystopian Wars in a competitive setting. Out of eight participants two were players who Stephan (NaH2PO4_aq on the official Dystopian Wars forums) and myself have only recently introduced to the game. Two other forum members were present as well, though I’m not sure whether or not I’m allowed to name them due to privacy issues (if that changes, expect this post to be updated).

The tournament consisted of two rounds in which two scenarios with lists of 1000 pts would be played. In lieu of deciding the victor by Victory Points, the scenarios laid out ways for the players to score Tournament Points instead. However, for every 300 VP in losses you would lose one Tournament Point (TP from here on out) from your scored TP total for this match. A player could not score less than 0 TP in a match. In addition to the TP laid out in the scenario you could select a hidden secondary objective. If you would achieve that objective during the match, you’d get an additional 2 Tournament Points. At the end of the day a maximum score of 20 Tournament Points could theoretically be achieved.

Full disclosure: I’ve tried to Photoshop out most irrelevant clutter (books, dice) on the pictures. Some pieces were too finicky to replace without compromising the image and some clutter/visual artefacts may remain.

A full list of army lists can be found here.

The factions were as follows

  • Competitor #1: League of Italian States
  • Competitor #2: Prussian Empire
  • Competitor #3: Black Wolf Mercenaries
  • Competitor #4: Covenant of Antarctica
  • Competitor #5: Indian Raj
  • Competitor #6: Russian Coalition
  • NaH2PO4_aq: Russian Coalition
  • Myself: Empire of the Blazing Sun

The list

I brought out my Empire of the Blazing Sun for this tournament. After considering the scenario’s, I devised a rather unusual list.

  • Kaiju Heavy Battleship with Shield upgrade – 235 pts
  • Ika Mechanical Squid – 105 pts
  • Tanuki Armoured Cruiser x 3 – 255 pts
  • Yurei Terror Ship – 160 pts
  • Fujin Corvette x 5 – 100 pts
  • Sui Heavy Destroyer x 3 – 135 pts
  • Upgrade one SAW to Ace - 10 pts
    Total: 1000 pts.
    Normally I’d take a list that deals more damage, but I included the Ika and Yurei to claim objectives or table quarters and not die doing so. I didn’t like the thought of losing a lot of tournament points and thought it’d be hilarious to mess with my opponents minds. It’s worth noting that I forgot I had an ace upgrade in both rounds, so that’s something to keep in mind for next tournament.

Round One

In the first round I faced a Russian Coalition player with a list focussing on piercing weaponry. He had a Khatanga as his sole large to anchor his force around, with two squadrons of Chany and two squadrons of Rostovs providing fire support. A Krichev would deliver an airborne threat.

The Scenario

Round One Deployment

The first scenario was a Hunt for Sturginium scenario. Three objectives were scattered on the middle line of the table. Any vessel medium-sized or larger on the Surface Height Level could pick one up. On destruction of a vessel carrying a token, it was returned on to the table ready for another pickup. If you destroyed the enemy vessel through a boarding action, one of the boarding vessels could pick up the objective. This is the only way in which vessels such as corvettes could claim an objective. There were three objectives, each worth 2 Tournament Points. In addition, players selected a hidden secondary objective. I elected to prize at least 150 VP worth of enemy vessels, reasoning I had enough boarding capacity to prize the Khatanga if it advanced too recklessly. I forgot to write down the secondary objective my opponent claimed.

The Match

Round One In-game

What a game! My opponent started out strong, critting a Tanuki early on for four damage and teleporting it right in front of his firing line. He kept his Pesets submerged most of the time, preferring to bide his time and not risk any damage until he could fire at full effect in RB2. In return I advanced my Ika and Yurei, which were both deployed on a flank. My Yurei faced no opposition at all and managed to miss the objective by about half an inch at the end of the game (a case of slightly misjudging distance on my part).

The Ika faced a squadron of Rostovs and a Krichev, but thanks to its submerged nature managed to shrug off the worst enemy fire. It only came up to grab the objective and then dove down at the earliest opportunity, cashing in an objective for the Empire of the Blazing Sun.

In the center I faced another teleport as my Kaiju was hit by a full volley from the Khatanga and barely missed an island. This worked somewhat to my advantage as the Kaiju now had cover and I could advance it to provide fire support at my leisure. The opposing Pesets and Rostovs took damage whenever I found a bead, and I managed to thin out most squadrons denying at least some firepower to most squadrons. My battered Tanuki’s finally managed to grab the center objective although they were pressured on all sides by Russian forces. When the Khatanga advanced menacingly to finish off my center line, my Fujin sprang their trap from behind the island and prized the Commodore’s vessel, garnering me my secondary objective.


Empire of the Blazing Sun
4 TP from Scenario Objectives
2 TP from Secondary Objective
-0 TP from losses
6 TP total

Russian Coalition
0 TP from Scenario Objectives
0 TP from Secondary Objective
-3 TP from losses
0 TP total

Victory to the Blazing Sun

Round Two

After the results were in, I stood second place out of eight participants. The only one ahead of me was my dear friend Stephan, who scored 7 TP and thus had a lead of 1 TP over me. This meant that we would be facing off against each other in the second round. In third place was an Indian Raj list. Stephan and I knew each other’s list inside out as we had discussed our options beforehand, and we both geek out enormously over crafting lists and scenario’s. Whenever Stephan and I play, it’s bound to be bloody, and this match would be no exception.

The Scenario

The second scenario of the day was Divide And Conquer. The table was split in four quadrants. Two opposing quadrants were split in half diagonally, and these were the deployment zones. A quadrant was claimed if at the end of the game you had more VP worth of vessels in the quadrant than your opponent. Each home quadrant was worth three TP and the side quadrants were worth two, allowing a whopping ten TP to be potentially achieved. An island in the middle ensured that most armies would have to split up to claim as many quadrants as possible.

Round Two Deployment

The Match

My plan was to deploy the Ika and Yurei to one side as they were pretty tough to dislodge. I would navigate across the other flank with the rest of my forces in a brutal showdown with the Russian Coalition. Stephan had a pretty similar setup. He elected to deploy a squadron of Rostov destroyers and Kazimov corvettes facing the Ika/Yurei flank and deployed the rest poised for a cataclysmic encounter with my Blazing Sun battlegroup.

Stephan’s list was built around a Khatanga heavy battleship and Dudinka assault carrier, who would block off whole sections of the playing field with icebergs. Behind them a squadron of Rudnitskies was deployed to repair most of the damage inflicted on the Russian heavy hitters. A trio of Peset submarines provided fire support. Rostovs and Kazimovs would hide behind the icebergs and larger vessels, only striking out when opportunities presented themselves. In this particular scenario they would be used to conquer a quadrant for the Russian Coalition versus my Ika and Yurei. As an addendum I’d like to add that there’s only two capital ships in this entire list!

Surprisingly the Russians inflict more damage at range!

The first round was surprisingly docile, with only the Tanuki Armoured Cruisers taking some light damage and a Chaos and Disarray token on the middle vessel. Most vessels jockeyed to find a good position from where they could strike in the second round. The Ika and Yurei made a play for the north-western quadrant and once they had activated they were met by Rostovs and Kazimovs eager to dislodge the Japanese threat.

After the first round a lot of vessels came in range. We had a absolutely brutal opening when my Sui raced forward, throwing caution to the wind. They landed a barrage of incendiary torpedoes from RB2 at one of the Pesets who had failed to submerge again before the Khatanga and Dudinka could throw up their icebergs. I had twelve AD to roll against the Peset with its 5 CC, so I was hoping for a crit or failing that at least some damage and incendiary markers.

Did not see this coming.

I rolled better. The Peset was obliterated in a blaze of hellish fire and sunk beneath the waves. That set the tone for the rest of the round, as we both threw ships at each other with reckless abandon. The Khatanga rampaged forward, firing in all directions and inflicting damage across my entire line. In return my damaged Tanuki managed to close the gap, crit the Dudinka and launched a boarding assault on the Khatanga which it repelled, though not without heavy losses. The Kaiju provided covering fire and inflicted considerable damage on the Dudinka assault carrier bringing it below half health. Naturally, the Rudnitskies then proceeded to double crit their repair rolls and recovered four HP on the Dudinka.

Over on the north-western side the Yurei managed to inflict some damage on the Rostov destroyers, bringing one down. The Ika fared worse, failing to grab a single Rostov. The Kazimovs then rounded the island and managed to engage the Yurei, taking it in a single devastating boarding action losing only about half their AP.


Back in the center of the storm I kept throwing everything I had at the Khatanga but it simply refused to die. No amount of boarding personnel could take it. Didn’t quite help that Stephan managed to take out three out of five corvettes or managed to derelict one out of two remaining Tanuki. To finish it off, the mighty Khatanga, bane of my existence, engaged its ferocious drill and tore through the last of my operational Tanuki! The last drifting derelict Tanuki ended its turn smashing into an iceberg performing a rather splendid rendition of the Titanic.

In a last ditch effort I threw the Kaiju around and headed straight for the Khatanga. Thanks to sharp turn I actually managed to close enough to launch a boarding assault, and I derelicted the Dudinka! When the turn ended, we rolled 36 AD to see how much damage it took. Needless to say, it sunk quite spectacularly. Much like the Kaiju which was subsequently derelicted by some drunk Rudnitsky repair cruisers and rammed the iceberg next to the Dudinka.

Iceberg, straight ahead!

From this point on the game was a mere formality as the Russians had only to clear out the few remaining Blazing Sun vessels still limping along. The Ika was swiftly dispatched through excessive use of concussive charges. The Sui were obliterated by Rudnitsky mortars. The last few struggling Fujin were put out of their misery by pot shots from across the Russian battleline. The game ended with the Empire of the Blazing Sun completely tabled, though not without cost. The Khatanga was limping along with 0 AP and 3 HP remaining, a few ships had massive torpedo-sized holes and the Dudinka made a fancy new reef underwater, costing Stephan 1 Tournament Point in losses. Had the assault on the Khatanga gone slightly better, the game would’ve most likely ended with me dominating the Russians. Still, what a game. We had four separate collisions with icebergs, fire everywhere and a LOT of angry Russian conscripts facing off against bewildered Japanese Samurai.


Empire of the Blazing Sun
0 TP from Scenario Objectives
0 TP from Secondary Objective
-3 TP from losses
0 TP total

Russian Coalition
10 TP from Scenario Objectives
2 TP from Secondary Objective
-1 TP from losses
11 TP total

Victory to the Russian Coalition


In the aftermath of the tournament I dropped a fair few places as I had failed to score any points in the second match, and third place went to a guy who only recently started playing and managed to table his opponent in the second round, scoring the full twelve Tournament Points. And I think this was his fifth and sixth game as well, good show! The Russian player I played against in the first round managed to score seven points in his second match and thus ended at the fourth position.

The results:

  1. Russian Coalition of Stephan
  2. Indian Raj
  3. Black Wolf Mercenaries
  4. Russian Coalition as featured in Round One
  5. Empire of the Blazing Sun
  6. Prussian Empire
  7. League of Italian States
  8. Covenant of Antarctica


All said and done, I had a wonderful time at Impact. Special thanks must go out to the organisation who went out of their way to ensure we all had a great time, and who took great care to provide tables, scenario’s and prizes. Each and every participant in the tournament took a gift home, which took me completely by surprise! I ended up with some very nice maneuvering templates emblazoned with Prussian emblems for my Prussian army. I cannot stress enough how well organised this tournament was. The atmosphere was great, the environment was fantastic and we had an hour off between matches to peruse the convention at our leisure.

Impact has been organized by the Hired Guns wargaming club based in Uden, the Netherlands. The site can be found at . Go take a look, they’re worth it!