The Battle For Vlissingen: Deployment


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The Battle For Vlissingen: Narrative

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The Battle For Vlissingen: Round One


For the Spartan demonstration day in Tilburg we decided to play a classic amphibious landing scenario. To make things more interesting, we decided to make it a team game, pitting two teams of two players each against each other. One player per team would cover the naval side of things, while the other player would either defend or assault the city that would form the scenario objective. We never intended this game to be highly competetive or even balanced, though that did not mean that we did not try to even things out! At the end of the day we wanted to provide an entertaining match while having fun playing. As a side-note: both my American opponent and myself secretly bought and prepared our respective dreadnought robot without informing our teammate. When we finally did reveal the Restitution and the Hochmeister, our teammates were quite surprised indeed!

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The Battle For Vlissingen

Battle Report

Battle Statistics

  • 4 players
  • 1500 pts per player, total of 6000 pts on table
  • 2 Armoured Core forces
  • 2 Naval Core forces
  • Board size: 96” x 48”
  • Battle length: approximately six hours

The Narrative

β€œIn the early days of spring 1873 both the Kingdom of Britannia and the Prussian Empire prepared to do battle once more in northern Europe. After the events of what came to be known as the Storm of Steel in 1871 the year of 1872 was characterised by a war of attrition between mainly British and Prussian forces in the Zeeland territories, culminating in the destruction of the Army of Flanders and the evacuation of British forces from the Low Countries. To the south, the Republique of France preferred to consolidate its holdings, still having a sour taste of its experiences with the Protectorate of Belgium.”

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